Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense law is unique among all areas of the law in that the defendant can sometimes face the loss of his or her freedom. Even if your freedom is not at stake, all criminal charges can have serious and far-reaching consequences. Or maybe your past mistakes are haunting you and you would like to clean up your criminal record. We can provide the criminal defense experience you need.

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Personal Injury

Have you been injured by the fault of someone else? You may have a personal injury claim.

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Family Law

The main types of cases under this area of the law in Indiana are Dissolution of Marriage (divorce), Legal Separation, and Juvenile Paternity (custody).

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Wills & Estates

Planning for the future is important. Especially, if you have a family or loved ones that you may leave behind. Losing a loved one is bad enough, but without an estate plan your love ones my go through further stress without your guidance in the form of a Will or Advance Directives (a Living Will). We will meet with you to discuss a plan that best reflects your final wishes or provide probate services for deceased person’s estate.

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